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Considerable concerns

January 11, 2013 @ 08:01 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Not down the sickness…

Not down the sickness…

Surprisingly the first full week back after the Christmas break hasn’t been too bad. It zipped by pretty quickly.

It has been an anxious week however. Bdot has been dealing with, what we expect to be, severe gall bladder attacks. We’ve been to the ER once and they don’t really do anything. They ran some tests that were inconclusive and gave her nothing for pain or for future attacks. I think that is ridiculous. It appears the pain is excruciating. It is an awful and helpless feeling to see her like that. Sigh… In other medical news, my Dad is going in for a serious surgery next Wednesday so I’m hoping that goes smoothly. And finally… my cat remi has been refusing food for a few days and has lost weight and she looks like shit. She is on a bunch of pills but they don’t seem to be doing anything. I’ve had that cat since she was a kitten and she is a dear companion. I’m hoping she turns around soon as I’m quite concerned about her. So… it has been a lovely week.

Phew… well at least hockey is back and is a much needed distraction. The Sabres look very mediocre again. The Eastern Conference looks tough. I expect there will be a massive log-jam between 6th and 10th place. The Sabres will be lucky to make the playoffs. We’ll see… I don’t know how the manta ‘sole purpose is to win the Cup’… The Sabres look like a marginal playoff team at best.

It is bdot’s work’s Christmas dinner Saturday night. Should be fun and for sure there will be good food.

And the weather…. the temperature is expected to reach double digits WINTER IN ONTARIO. All the snow has melted and it is raining outside. We bought skis thinking of how awesome it would be to use them in Palgrave forest… We have been able to use them one season so far out of three. Unreal. How unCanadian Winter in Southern Ontario has become.