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Canadian Collapse

July 9, 2007 @ 10:07 pm 🔗 Post Link

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OMG! Wendy’s has THE BACONATOR! :O

OMG! Wendy’s has THE BACONATOR! :O

I’ve been watching some of the FIFA under 20 world cup that Canada is hosting. Unfortunately Canada’s performance has been rather disappointing. Today Canada earned the dubious title of being the first country to host the tournament and have its team not score one goal. Ho-hum. It would be great to have a competitive soccer team on the world level but clearly Canada isn’t there yet. With the addition of TFO (Toronto’s MLS team) hopefully soccer will gain more popularity in Canada.

Friday night I saw Transformers with some co-workers at a late night showing. The show was packed with a pre-entry line-up of tons of people. They even had some cops there. I had an exchange with one officer he said he’d be ‘watching’ me. Hehe. The movie was quite good. As expected the effects were very impressive. I found the scenes with transformers curious. They seemed blurry and different from the ‘normal’ scenes, as if they were spliced in from another film process. Hmm. It was by far the best summer film I’ve seen. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Compared to Spidey and Fantastic Four)

Saturday we were out pretty much all day with the dog at a friend’s place in Oakville. We did a bunch of work for the Vizsla society we belong to. We help put out the club newsletter, so we stuffed envelopes then labeled them. In the evening we went to our friend’s aunt’s home which was also in Oakville. She has a beautiful older home in the ‘nice’ section of town. We enjoyed a chilly swim and some pricey foods we got from Whole Foods. The food was good but ouch… pricey… in hindsight we figure the cashier made an error but couldn’t find the bill to confirm it.

Today we did a little bit of shopping and watched the movie Civic Duty in the evening. It was an interesting film. It depicts a man driven to intense paranoia about living beside someone he thinks is a terrorist. Clearly a believable storyline in Bush’s America. ⭐⭐⭐½

On that note… it was sad to see more Canadians coming home in flag draped coffins from Afghanistan on the news tonight.

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