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I donโ€™t watch too much reality TVโ€ฆ but I was a little Olympicked out so I was flipping channels and stopped at Casino. It shows the inside stories of people who work at, and play at the Golden Nugget Casino. It was pretty disturbingโ€ฆ they showed one gambling addict and the length to which he was addicted. It was brutal. He has been gambling for close to a decadeโ€ฆ when he told his wife he was at work, he was really at the casino. He has lost BIG moneyโ€ฆ Ever other scene was him at the pawn shopโ€ฆ the final thing he sold was his wedding ringโ€ฆThey then showed his wife (and their daughter) on the phone with Gambling Addiction Doctorโ€ฆ Creepy.

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