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Camelopardalids you say?

May 26, 2014 @ 10:05 pm 🔗 Post Link

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No meteors. Plenty of constellations. (Yes I did the Dipper outline. :P)

No meteors. Plenty of constellations. (Yes I did the Dipper outline. :P)

It was a pretty quiet weekend after a very long week for both of us. Bdot had an especially stressful end to her week and I had an event which had me up at 4:30AM on Friday, so I was happy to do a whole lot of nothing this weekend. I had a nap Friday when I got home a) because I was exhausted and b) because I wanted to try and see the Camelopardalids Meteor Shower later in the evening. It was a remarkably clear night. Possibly the clearest night this year, the conditions were perfect. Somehow I managed to stay awake until the optimal viewing time but…. alas I didn’t see much of anything. *shrug* I followed a guide online to follow the *North Star* to determine where to look. Not really sure why I saw nothing. I looked for about 10m then succumbed to the weight of sleep. The stars were still pretty cool. Mars and Saturn were clearly visible. It was peaceful, quiet and chilly but not too bad… despite disappointing results, I’d try it again.

My work event turned out to be pretty good actually. Despite getting the presentation and video an hour before the show started. The keynote was incredibly entertaining talking about the power of social media. But wow… I was so tired Friday night.

I’m finding that Reactine, even as little as 1/4 of 10mg pill, literally knocks me out. Sure it works, I can breathe, but it also puts me to sleep or a curious zombified state at least. So…I may switch to Claritin to see what Loratadine does to my body. Side effects for that include gastrointestinal disturbances. Le sigh.

Saturday evening we ventured over to the Spirit Tree Cidery for their first late night for pizzas. I was little surprised more people weren’t there. They have a nice little patio to eat out on that looks out to the escarpment. The pizzas are massive. We got two, the Wise Guy (Home made Spirit Tree pizza sauce, wood-oven roasted peppers, mozzarella & spicy Italian sausage) and the Pistachio (Home made Spirit Tree pizza sauce, red onion, Romano cheese, pistachios, mozzarella & goat cheese). The Wise Guy was pretty spicy. Too spicy for bdot. The Pistachio has a unique yummy flavour, I bet it would be amazing with a nice pepperoni added. None of the pizzas offered bacon as a topping so Spirit Tree Cidery -1. *smirk* Still the staff is really engaging, the food and drink are exceptional so we will certainly be back.

My brother-in-law gave me a Sci-Fi/drama series to watch called Continuum which looks promising. Also watched the TFC/Sporting KC match. Gawd… what inconsistent reffing… miraculously TFC scored in extra time to get a point. The soccer gawds making up for so many bad calls IMHO. Kings won, Habs lost. Ho-hum. Falling back a bit in the pool…. Solidly second however which pays nothing.

As for gaming, back onto an old school Neverwinter Nights II kick. It is still a lot of fun tossing fireballs and avoiding traps. I’m onto the second Act.

It is warming up. I’m already hating the heat and it isn’t even hot yet. I’m so I.T. White. Sigh.

The new trees in the backyard are starting to flower. Yaye! We are a little concerned about the Birch however… The bushy bastard seems a little slow to leave. Sure hoping there isn’t an issue here.

We have decided to go with the Vibe band-aid solution and fix a few minor issues with the car to try to get another season out of it. It is really to avoid two simultaneous car payments. By early next fall however… the beast is gone.

Bdot also put together this year’s planters.

This year’s planters!

This year’s planters!

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