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Goodbye Buckhorn Lake

July 2, 2011 @ 05:07 pm 🔗 Post Link

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A view I’ll miss.

A view I’ll miss.

Work fun day was a little disappointing again. The day seemed full of disorganization and misinformation. The team decided on taking us on a Hippo Tour of Toronto. It is an amphibious bus tour of the main tourist locations in Toronto. Parts of the tour were interesting, but it was a lot of waiting in traffic and the water part of the trip was brief and uneventful. This after we nearly missed our boarding time because we didn’t have the tickets. Ho-hum. The lunch was also somewhat disappointing. It was at ??? which is a massive two level sports bar. We had reservations but they split us up on two tables and refused to open up the upstairs to seat us. Which would have been really cool. Oh well. The bar itself had a gigantic tv. I’m not sure the dimensions but it looked like the size of a cargo truck. The food was good and it would be a great place to watch a game even with the Toronto beer prices. So pluses and minuses. I guess it beats working. I did get too much sun however and developed a nasty headache which wiped out my evening. I even skipped my hockey game as I would have been of no use. Bah.

A great example of how awesome twitter is was evident during the frantic NHL trade day. The clock struck 12 yesterday and tweets of signings continued all day long. It was exciting as a hockey fan seeing live updates of signings… The big fish was Richards… the Sabres do need a Centre as well, badly. Unfortunately, so does every other team in the league. The list of suitors for Richards was very long and the expected contract will be massive. The Sabres decided too massive and dropped out of the Richards race. I except they will look to upgrade centre via a trade. They had better anyway… They did make one trade which I don’t fully comprehend. They picked up another Right Wing, Ville Leino. I assume Darcy is up to something. Time will tell. The defensive signing earlier this week were great, I think the Sabres got two great veterans d-men, Reger and Horoff. In the big picture it has developed into an exciting off-season, clearly the Pegula Era has arrived, and will be very exciting for Sabres fans. In Pegula we trust. Thanks for letting me use your 3G bdot. ^_^

We drove up to Ennismore through Port Hope. It was a slow drive at times. Port Hope was busy, the town looked maxed out on parking for the Canada Day celebration. Happy 144st Canada! We arrived in the early evening. It was a warm evening. The evening was spent chilling out in front of the fire debating the correct placement of pine cones in the fire. The park no longer has any type of security… which really is ridiculous for a park with ~300 trailers. Basically drunkards could be heard carrying on well into the night. Yes, I’ve been that guy, but usually in a detached house or isolated cottage. Here at the trailer park people are crammed together like sardines, a little more respect would be great. One of many reasons the park has lost its luster.

Today looks like another beautiful July day in Ontario. I think we are going to go look at day lilies near Bobcaygeon. First however, we stopped for brunch in Buckhorn at The Olde Ice House Family Restaurant. To say our server was a little eccentric would be an understatement. The entire time we were there she was colourful in her dialogue with patrons… I wondered if everyone would find her as enjoyable as we did. Regardless the food was good and the price was right, by the time we got there I’d have eaten a bag of snakes. Down the road was the Lily farm. They had around 30-40 different colours/breeds whatever they are called. We ended up with four Rose Beauty and three Stephany yellow day lilies and two Buckhorn surprise. They gave us two plants that lost their tag. Once the tag is lost they have no idea what colour/breed it is. So we’ll have a little surprise when they bloom. There was a dark red I was going to get but another customer snapped up the last one. Meh. The afternoon was really hot… So, fittingly we just chilled on the desk at the trailer for our find few hours there. The drive home was smooth and quick… I think we got home in just under 2.5h. Anyway. To sleep.