Brrr week

January 18, 2022 @ 07:01 pm 🔗 Post Link




It has been an odd week. Bdot went to help support her mother and ended up staying longer than expected. So it has been a quiet week.

It has been especially cold as well so I’ve been mostly indoors. I walked the Snuggo today. I very rarely walk the dog. She was quite good for me considering how mutually new it is. She has changed a lot in the past me year. She stays closer and is quite good at responding to commands. It was nice to get a bit of Sun.

Sabres just keep setting new depths of suck. Wow. The youth does hold some promise. That Bills/Bucks game was the most exciting football game I’ve every watched. Shame about the last 15 seconds. Sigh.

My laptop (UX333) CPU fan died last trip to Killaloe… It made a horrible noise and didn’t cool properly – essentially making the laptop unusable. So, I order a fan from Hong Kong… Well, I’m very happy that the transplant (so far) has worked perfectly. PHEW.

This Russia/Ukraine standoff is getting tense.

I burned through Season 1 of Archive 81 on Netflix. It was creepy and interesting. They may make more….