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Belwood & the weekend

August 3, 2009 @ 03:08 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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We planned a little picnic to Belwood Conservation area just north of Elora, Ontario today. The intention was to go biking but B. somehow damaged her tire when she tried to inflate it rendering it useless. Bah. The backup was to try and go swimming. Unfortunately it was warm (not hot) with a cool breeze and the beach area at Belwood is rather small, especially on a holiday. So swimming didnโ€™t happen. Belwood seemed like a great place to bike too. There was a trail around the exterior of the park. Ho-hum. We did try and make the best of it however. We searched for some space along the river and it was tough finding one. All the โ€˜niceโ€™ sites had people on themโ€ฆ Eventually we got lucky and saw a couple leave a private little spot down by the water. We dragged a table down to the waterโ€™s edge and chilled out. It was pretty relaxing by the water. Stillโ€ฆ people would walk down *right beside us* to get to the water. Unbelievable. *eyeroll*

After a few hours of downtime we drove down to Elora. We were happy to find all the stores open and business as usual so we browsed a bunch of stores. Elora stays the same year after year. Quaint, cute and full of nicknack shops. B. is on a hat fetish ATM and found another to add to her collection. I think it was called the Fidel. Heh. It was a great way to spend a holiday.

We spent Saturday in Barrie with my sister and Brother in Law. It was fun. The day started looking at skis and ski gear due to a sale in the area. We found two pairs of cross country boots so weโ€™ll be giving that a shot in the winter. The area north of Barrie is quite nice. Rural. Big properties. Farms. We did a 5km hike in the Simcoe County Forests. It is a massive forest, lots of trails. Iโ€™m sure weโ€™ll be back. Afterwards we grabbed a quite bite then the men got groceries for dinner and the women did more shopping. When JP and I got back we chilled in the backyard with a cold one. It went right to my headโ€ฆZZz. We had a big dinner, mmmm burgers then relaxed with a movie. We settled on The International. It was okay. Highly predictable, pretty average spy thriller. โญโญโญ It was a good day in Barrie. The drive home was punctuated by some dickhead high-beaming me for driving slow in the right lane. I guess it didnโ€™t occur to dickhead driver that someone was driving slow in front of me? Sigh. I hate 400 series highways most days.

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