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Lovely weekend

There was another meeting of the Men – a Boyz Weekend at the cottage. It was just three of us but we still had a great time. (A few different vibe for sure) Unfortunately, JD was unavailable. I had my first Manhattan (sans bitters). I thought it was pretty decent. As usual, we ate like Kings. Slow-smoked ribs, BBQed procuitto wrapped asparagus and oh so much bacon (and steakon). Bill brought his homebrew take on Sapporo which was very good. Somehow during all the drinking, we ordered tickets to see GWAR on Wednesday. So, um yeah, that is happening. The weather was amazing for nearly November in Ontario. Blue skies, cool temperatures and nearly no clouds. We watched Elvis – which was incredibly well done. What a sad story his life ultimately was – ⭐⭐⭐⭐½. We also took a journey down One Bite Pizza reviews (especially from the Toronto area). It was a really chill weekend.

Failed squirrel experiment

Failed squirrel experiment

Not sure if the cottage squirrels were lame but this experiment yielded no results.

So Elon did end up buying twitter. Can wait to see how long it takes for the clown to ruin it. Dude, surely you have enough on your plate with a family, SpaceX and Tesla. Sure the World needs a saviour but it isn’t you so STOP trying. I’ve had a Mastodon account for a while. I don’t really use it but if (and when?) twitter sinks into the toilet (which I expect without moderation) I’ll be gone. I think Jack is working on an alternative too. Sigh. I do like it for sports and some news but… I won’t be too broken up to leave it if I feel the need. *smh*

Grammarly Insights Productivity level: Legendary. HOO-RAH!

With great reluctance, since my Windows 10 system was acting a tad sluggish, I’ve *upgraded??* to Windows 11. Sigh. So far so good, I guess.