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May 12, 2020 @ 09:05 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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To the Sun!

To the Sun!

Strange to think how much time has passed since the last entry, and how little I have to say. Being Covid confined sure seems to be more of a mental struggle. We have plenty of all the things but canโ€™t really go anywhere or do anything still. It is a pretty strange situation. Iโ€™m still getting bits and pieces of work but it remains very piecemeal.

So we walk most nights with the dog doing a short loop for air. Evenings have been a lot of animated films. The How to Train a Dragon series has been a surprising gem. We also working through Season 6 of Homeland, which we watched before but can only recall vaguely, soโ€ฆ we are rewatching it โ€“ just so we can watch season 7 which we havenโ€™t seen. Also enjoying Cardinal.

Still riding Zwift occasionally. It is much more enjoyable with Discord chat. It helps the hills, climbs and passes the time. I guess pain likes company.

Otherwise, not much going on reallyโ€ฆ some days I feel pretty blah. I hear there are some things finally opening upโ€ฆ


Okโ€ฆ it is season 8 of Homeland we are currently watching. The final season. Seems typical Carrie so farโ€ฆ