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November 7, 2017 @ 01:11 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Greed. Money. Power.

Greed. Money. Power.

So there was another mass shooting with an AR-15 in the Statesโ€ฆ Republican leaders tweet about thoughts and prayers to the victims. What the hell does that do? I donโ€™t understand how Americans continue to allow the NRA to hold their nation hostage for profit under the guise of rights. It is appalling. *And Iโ€™m not even American!* Iโ€™d donโ€™t understand how paid off politicians can sleep at night with mass murders seemingly every week. Is no one brave enough to stand up for LIFE and protect Americans from themselves? Surely Tr*mp never will. Congress wonโ€™t. So I guess we will continue to see these sad stories every few weeks? American the beautiful where are you?


Ha! As if to rise to the challenge โ€“ the State of Virginia elected its first openly Trans member to the Senate. Defeating the candidate that drafted the anti-Trans legislation. Incredible. Iโ€™m sure 45 will stay in Asia for a few extra day. He must be fuming. ๐Ÿ˜€ Making America Great! Over 60% of Puerto Rico STILL without power.

Bonnie and her daughters visited last weekend. They went down to the Falls for the Handmade Market. The ladies came home with an assortment of clothes and jewellery, so I assume it was a good day. I got some yardwork done and made Broccoli Soup.

KK came over yesterday to watch a very odd TFC game. The reffing was the worst Iโ€™ve seen in an MLS game. I really have no idea what game he was seeing. Yellow cards, red cards, brawlsโ€ฆ but ultimately TFC played really poorly. They were on the back foot most of the game. They generated very little and were outplayed by the Red Bulls. Luckily they won on aggregate, but that was the narrowest margin that they could have won. Iโ€™m not sure if the Bulls got them off their game or they were simply not prepared, but, if they continue to play like that โ€“ the postseason will be over soon.

Sabres continue to flounder. They look disorganized and disinterested. My frustration with them is at an all-time high. Brutal.

Ugh. My crown came off again off my back wisdom tooth so I had to see my Dentist yesterday. It turns out the tooth is actually cracked and deteriorating and unsalvagable. So it has to be pulled. F*ck. So go in expecting a quick process, and now I have to have dental surgery. Bloody hell.

Weather is getting cooler. Snow canโ€™t be far off.

For years, our bed has been a favourite location for our dog. She loves to snuggle. She is, however, getting old, she has recently stopped trying to get up onto the bed. It is a sad sign of aging. Aging sucks.

Oh, and after 5 Seasonsโ€ฆ it looks like the writers of Shameless US are out of ideas. It has certainly lost my interest. Plotlines are nearly all garbage. Oh well.