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Water, water, everywhere…

March 5, 2013 @ 08:03 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Homeownership = Money Pit.

Homeownership = Money Pit.

Huh. Strange to think it has been over a week since we were in Quebec. We are both back to the grind. *sigh…* Mother Nature gave me another snow day last week however. Thanks ma! It is remarkable how much more I enjoy a four day work week compared to five. Ho-hum. Winter is on its way out. I don’t expect I’ll get another snow day as temperatures are on their way up above zero. At least we were able to ski a few times this Winter. We may look for new cross-country skis this spring. I know bdot wants new skiis. She has expressed her loathing for her current skis a few times this Winter. *cough*

The joys of homeownership. A house always seems to cost you money when you can least afford it to do so. We’ve been using the guestroom shower for a few weeks now since our ensuite bathroom has a serious clog. (Which bdot refused to treat with chemicals like the rest of world because she believed they would hurt the pipes… A plumber told her last night to give ‘er with the nastiest stuff we can find…it would not hurt the pipes…so I’m sure there will be an update to this in near the future….*smirk*) Anyway… yesterday morning I hear loud swearing from bdot coming from the basement. This isn’t that unusual…but, it turns out that now the guest bathroom is leaking! It was clear from the water damage on the ceiling that there was a leak in this location sometime in the past. Last night bdot ripped apart the ceiling and the drywall (lols) was soaked and moldy in a few areas. It was pretty rank. After some testing we found the cause of the leak is a crackline in the bathtub grout . The tub is actually on a slight angle that draws the water to one side… the side with this crack…. *eyeroll* So, we are hoping that after it dries we can recaulk the tub and hopefully end the leaks. Now about that hole in the ceiling….

Well the Sabres have at least returned to playing .500 hockey with their new coach. Even still… at best it mean a heroic run to eighth place again. Still. Hockey is more enjoyable when your team is competitive.