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September 19, 2009 @ 10:09 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Dog will hunt

Dog will hunt

Up earlier than on a work day on a Saturday. We must really love that dog. Bah. Yes we ran the dog in another Field test. You have to pass three of them to get your Field Dog title. Well somehow handler and dog convinced the judge to get her second pass! So one more and we have an official Field Dog. Huh! Dog will hunt! It was a verrrrrrry long day. It was cool but the sun was bright. I planted birds for the tests most of the day.So it felt like working an extra day. I had some strange stomach pains as well. Hmpt. We picked up Rebekah for dinner but we got all non-sushi gaijin stuff. *smirk* It was very goodโ€ฆ

Friday night we had a very underwhelming dinner at the Angry Tomato. The food was very bland and uninteresting to the palate. Making it HOT isnโ€™t the same as making it flavourful. I doubt weโ€™ll return. The decor and staff were decent but for Italian/Cajun fusion I was expecting better.

Today we did a bit of running around. We stopped at Home Depot to get a bunch of odds and ends for some household projects we are hoping to tackle soon. B. spent most of the evening making one of the nicest dinners she has ever made. (It was significantly better than the meal we -paid- for on Friday โ€“ but I digress) We started we a carrot/ginger/curry soupโ€ฆ Damn was good! Full of sweet and spicy flavour with a slight curry lingering afterwards. Shame she made such a small pot of it! The culinary wizardry continued as she followed a apple cider pork tenderloin recipe to perfection. The sauce was epic. Thanks hon for the treat.

We also did some yard work as well today getting various donated plants into the very dry ground. Hopefully they will take. Iโ€™m zonked now. Going to chill.