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Zonealarm + IE = JavaScript Errors

January 22, 2004 @ 05:01 pm 🔗 Post Link

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in the zone?

in the zone?

People wise enough to be using Zonealarm should be aware that the JavaScript Error: Expected Identifier is caused by the software. Depending on your settings, it inserts one or more series of JavaScripts into the HTML code.. such as:

<!– ZoneLabs Privacy Insertion –>

While I’m a big fan of ZoneAlarm… I find this very curious… it was also blocking some of my links calling them Ads. Curious indeed. Magically when ZoneAlarm is off… all the errors disappeared. POOF!

Far Cry

As I wait for UT2004, DOOM3 etc. to be released… My first person shooter needs are going unfullfilled. Then in my inbox from gamebox comes a link to a Demo. I love demos. So download, install, play. Well. What an impressive game visually… It plays really nice on my Ti4200. I’m looking forward to seeing more! Check out the screen capture! Link.
Update: Link is dead. 😦

Mr.Reagan says he will protect you…🎶

Stayed up waaay too late last night watching a curious movie called Deterrence. In a nutshell… Iraq invades Kuwait (oh no! not again!) kills a bunch of peacekeepers including many Americans. The story then shifts to the newly appointed President who is on tour when the news comes in. Instead of flying to NORAD 60 miles away…(ahem) they setup ‘shop’ in a diner. The Prez has no conventional forces in the area, so he goes nuclear on Iraq. The concept of the film and the process was interesting… parts of plot and how it unfolds at times however was pretty unbelievable. I won’t ruin the ending but… I’m not sure it makes the President’s decisions seem any more rational or believable to me. Maybe worth renting…it does keep you wondering how it will all end. It had very mixed reviews at Rotten Tomato. ⭐⭐⭐½

Just the concept of nuclear war is uber creepy. How dropping one bomb could kill millions in a second… Hopefully a decision no President will ever have to face. (Please don’t happen while Bush is in office!)

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