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Bdotโ€™s beautiful new grass

It seems I can evaluate my weekend based on how sore I am and the degree of my aching. Iโ€™m pretty achy soโ€ฆ that says it all. Yes, another busy weekend in the backyard. I de-weeded the garden on the opposite side to the shed. I think I was out there most of the afternoonโ€ฆ I also took down a small tree. Ugh weeds. Today was a little lighter, just cut the lawn and edged the front garden. There is still so much to doโ€ฆ While I was busy outside, bdot was busy insideโ€ฆ She is painting the great room, hopefully in time for the arrival of out couch on Wednesday. She went up to her friend Bonnieโ€™s tonight. So, it was just the dog and I this evening. We hiked a section of the Heritage trail. It was a little cool outside, great for a walk. Dinner was BBQed pork tenderloin. Chilled the rest of the evening with some T.V..