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Wednesday Whatevers
October 20, 2004
1. How do you feel about the electoral college voting?
Iโ€™m glad Iโ€™m NOT American. I donโ€™t know a whole lot about it. It looks like representation based on population. Seems fine to me.

2. Who defines what is โ€˜coolโ€™?
I think each individual should define it for themselves. Having returned to school, once again I get the feeling of who the โ€˜coolโ€™ kids are and who arenโ€™t. Me being in the arenโ€™t. However. Iโ€™m happy with the course, the people I do talk to and myself (relative to others in the course) so Iโ€™m cool, down, street and jiggy. Huzzah. Not that it would be bad to have more social interaction with my peers.

3. How is a believable character in tv, movies, books, etc made?
Make them flawed. They donโ€™t get everything. They make mistakes. Make them real. My least favourite characters on TV (such as that freakshow on Law and Order : Criminal Intent Vincent Dโ€™Onofrio as Det. Robert Goren who I think is the worst character ever written โ€“ I want to smash his head every time he turns his head sideways and makes some unbelievable remark. GRR!!! Ahem. But I digress.) are IMHO very UNbelievable.

I donโ€™t know why but I find this very funny. Boilโ€™em, Mashโ€™em stick โ€™em in a stew..! Po-tay-toes!

update: shadiggy link is dead. || Flash movie is also gone. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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