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August 23, 2002 @ 07:08 pm 🔗 Post Link

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OK ladies.. help me out here. What is the deal with Wedding Showers? First off… There is no equivalent for the groom. It seems to me to be a big cash grab. I mean are not all the people that are going to the shower going to the wedding? So NOW they have to get two gifts instead of one?? Odd indeed. Dames…bah.

we be bloggin’

well, if it isn’t obvious… News has evolved? into Blog. My intent is to use this *more* as a daily journal and an unsung news source. I’m in the process of adding the ability to comment on the blog entries.

I’m getting excited… Finally a holiday. It starts this friday. Hitting Quebec City & P.E.I.. Yes, the East Coast. Updates on the holiday to follow…

NEW blog!

This is a blog entry. This is the NEW! format for the -news- section… it will be more like a daily journal or blog. As seen here.

evolution! wooo! woooo!

well…in case it isn’t obvious. =P the flash GUI has been replaced…just a little different. May evolve again soon.

Updates to various lyrics sections

I have begun the Breeders in the lyrics section. The Police have been cleaned up as well.

Update: Lyrics section is gonzo. (Dec. 2013)

well.. under the better late than never category: Fear Factory has been added to the lyrics section. It is sad to see them go. Their addition is a small tribute.

Update: Lyrics section is gonzo. (Dec. 2013)

heh. Finally found lyrics to Rush’s Vapour Trails.

Update: Lyrics section is gonzo. (Dec. 2013)

Yo! PE (Public Enemy) in full-effect in the lyrics section.

Update: Lyrics section is gonzo. (Dec. 2013)

Added the Beatles and Voivod to the lyrics section. Might add a few other Voivod albums in the future.

Update: Lyrics section is gonzo. (Dec. 2013)

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