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October 10, 2004 @ 05:10 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Don't look that mean...

Don't look that mean...

Friday right after class (and Friday is a brain killing 6 hours of Macromedia Director) I ventured off to my Exโ€™s to get more stuff out of her condo. Moved a lot of bigger stuff. One more weekend should do it. Sorted a bunch of stuff, more importantly tossed out tons. Do I really need my cassettes? As usually I have mixed feeling about seeing her. Her basement (where my stuff is) is a disaster, not just of my stuff, but of hers and a former room mates and yet there was a sudden urgency for her to have me move my stuff out. Maybe due to her mother overhearing that I have moved in with B.? Regardless, I wasnโ€™t happy about going down there and being given the impression that my stuff is holding her back from using the space. I think that is ridiculous. I think we will both be happier once it is all moved out. Maybe next weekend.

Yesterday was pretty lazy once I got back to Brampton. I was exhausted. B. and I rented a few movies. We watched Mean Girls. It was light. Not bad. Lots of perky women. โ€“smirk- โญโญโญยฝ

Today we went for a little drive. We were going to go apple picking (and who knew it was so popular? There were hundreds of people there) but the type of apple we wanted, Honey Crisp werenโ€™t in season. โ€“eyeroll- So we bought some pies (no kitty itโ€™s meh pie!) and got out of there. It was a zoo anyway. After the apples we went to a dog training business where B. trained one of her previous dogs. (same business new location) She talked to someone she knew for a while about various breeds and dog stuff. The trainer thought Viszlas were a great breed. Good news I guess. Played a little of the Axis and Allies demo. It looks good. But very similar to a lot of RTS games out there already. It was a somewhat limited demo. It was somewhat hard to tell if it is anything like the board game. My impression is that it is nothing like it at all.

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