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October 6, 2004 @ 04:10 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link




Normally I think of myself as being pretty friendly to everyone in society but today was just creepy. As I was leaving school today, windows down, sunny and warm, Rush blaring, I came to a stop sign (still on campus) and this old women started waving at me. Well I figured she wanted directions or something. Oh No. She went around the front of my car and opened my passenger door and got in. I was like huh. She then started telling me to take her to her brothers. And went on about her leg being sore. And about how Jesus is going to help me and put me here to help her. Well. I guess god did find a sucker. She was about 6-7 blocks from home, far enough that she likely couldnโ€™t have made it walking. It was bizarre. She was asking me for money and talking in Croatian (she said she was Croatian), she even pinched my face as old women do and said โ€˜you are a good boyโ€™. By the gods. She had three blocks then I was stopping the car and calling 911. Fortunately, we did get to her brothers (ironically a very nice looking place) and then I split. I hope this makes up for running a few red lights. Jez.

As promised here is one of the flash projects I worked on. It is really just a teaching tool. The idea was when the prof was younger a kid named Hector hit him in the head with his sled. Now You are the professor and Hector is sliding at you again. Again. Teaching tool, not a real project.

Update: link to project removed.

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