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June 11, 2003 @ 10:06 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Sign here.

Sign here.

Saw my lawyer today to discuss my separation. Joy! It went pretty smoothlyโ€ฆ I guess what my Ex and I drafted up was pretty reasonable, basically just a matter of signing now. She graduates University tomorrow. Ironically after we separate. I wish her well in her future without me.

My site was down again. I have found two hosts to move my site toโ€ฆ Just a matter of time.. dealing with CWH has been a nightmare from the beginning. My support ticket has 37! entries and it has ONLY been 2 months! It is time to give someone else a kick at the dog.

Really looking forward to seeing my gf. It seems like another long few days apartโ€ฆwhere as the time together seems so short. sigh. Tomorrowโ€ฆtomorrowโ€ฆtomorrow.

ARRRG! hockey pool 2003

The final standings of the hockey pool:
1 Pat 77
2 Frank 68
3 Chris 66
4 Jim 58
4 Ron 58

6 Dave 57

Yes kids. That is me. 1 point out of the $. Sigh.

Wright on!

Iโ€™ve added all the witty footer quotes from Steven Wright to their own page in the lyrics section.
Go Ducks!

Update: Wright link is gone.

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