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Wedding, Mice and Moving

October 1, 2007 @ 11:10 pm 🔗 Post Link

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The house has been pretty chaotic and noisy this weekend, we’ve had two Vizsla puppies over for most of the weekend. We’ve been watching Gershwin and Ellie, Brian and Marine’s puppies. Three dogs (for me) is too many dogs in a small house. I can’t imagine how dog Breeders can handle five, six, seven or more dogs at once… Gah! *Especially puppies!* Granted mature dogs are different. We had Tanga’s brother over and it wasn’t anywhere near as frantic. That all said, it was fun having the puppies over. They eventually understood Tanga was the boss. Tanga actually played with the ‘worms’ as well. Which was nice to see, seeing she can be pretty standoffish and particular about who she plays with. It is 8:35PM as I write this… I wonder if the owners want their dogs back? 😛

Yesterday was a pretty long day. I started off going to East Toronto where my employer just moved our office to. We are located across from the Science Centre near Eglington and the DVP. I can’t say I’m looking forward to the commute. I’ve never really driven on the DVP. Even on a Saturday it was insane. I can’t imagine how bad it will during peak business hours. Sigh. The building is much nicer than our Dundas offices. The space we now have is huge and bright. I’m looking forward to the new digs, just not looking forward to getting there and home.

Right after I got home from work we had to go to Pat’s wedding. (Congrats Pat and Jenn!) We were running a little behind and it led to a lot of drama before we finally got going. Ultimately we arrived *exactly* at 4:00 and as we walked towards the chapel we ran into the minister. (The trip was so fast B. even ran a stop sign, we got lucky indeed that the other traffic was stopped. Phew…) We weren’t late at all as it turned out. In fact after I arrived and met Pat I had to run back to the Hall to get his wedding certificate and the wedding party’s corsages. It was a touching ceremony. Jenn was clearly very emotional during her vows. No wonder people cry at weddings. It was a fun night. I got to see a lot of my friends and people I don’t get to see that often, especially Drek and his wife, who drove down from Ottawa.

Today B. and I embarked upon a massive cleaning of the garage. We took two car loads full of crap to the dump. I guess it was the day to do it, there was a massive lineup just to get into the recycling centre. I’m totally beat now.

The mice aren’t doing so well in our battle. We’ve snapped 4 and released 1. Mice, if you are reading this I highly recommend you get outta my garage now!

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