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Water, Water Everywhere

December 15, 2009 @ 10:12 am ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Cable fail

Cable fail

Being as home as much as I'm, you get used to the sounds of the house. What you should hear and shouldn't. Well... I heard something yesterday that sounded VERY out of place coming from the kitchen. It sounded like water spraying - which I shouldn't hear. Rushing to the kitchen, it was immediately apparent that something was wrong. Very wrong. Water was gushing out of the kitchen cabinet and the floor was covered in water. The pool water was advancing toward the outer wall and hardwood. I opened the cabinet and water was spraying quite dramatically out of a rupture in the hose that connects the dishwasher to the water source. OMG what a mess. There was a ton of things blocking the pipes in the cabinet, and I tried the shutoff valves I could see but the water kept spraying. And it was A LOT of water. It was getting slippery and hard to maintain traction. So with no luck at the source I ran downstairs for the main shutoff and shutoff ALL the water.

It created quite the mess. Water did reach the hardwood and almost to the outer wall in the dining room. I quickly covered the floor in towels and started mopping up the mess. I called the wife in a bit of a state (it seemed VERY bad at the time) and came home to assist. The water made it to the basement and the furnace room. I don't really know where all the water went (which is disturbing)...Yes, there was water downstairs where it logically flowed to, but where did it go? The shopvac helped a lot, and I used almost all of our towels...I guess I contained it pretty quickly as I don't think there was any serious damage (that we have found so far...) A bunch of cardboard boxes and a ceiling tile were ruined, the kitchen mat is ruined (and weighs 200 pounds now)...I mean it could have been much worse. I guess that cable is a decade old. But I still think it seems odd it would just suddenly rupture like that?

Bdot was just saying how she doesn't like us leaving home with the dishwasher running... Good lord. If it had run a full cycle...I couldn't image the damage the water would have caused...*cringe* No I didn't take any photos of the water into the living room. I was too busy running around doing damage control...

In case anyone doubts that Pegula should sell the team.

In case anyone doubts that Pegula should sell the team.

Sabres continue to fail. Dead last in wins since Pegula bought the team. LAST. Embarrassing!!!


Yup. The Sabres are baffling. Lose one night then beat the best teams in the league IN THEIR BARN. I was expecting another smackdown in Las Vegas last night. What I got instead was the most satisfying win of the season. I bet a lot of people lost money on this game. It begs the question WHY can't we see this effort with regularity? Anyway, I'm sure they will even the scales and lose bad tonight against the Coyotes...

The final ball hockey game of the season was last night against Blue. We were missing our starting goalie and a few players. Blue came out hard and took a few goal lead after the first period. But there is plenty of time. Slowly we eroded their lead. Then tied. Then pulled ahead. Once ahead we were able to stay there. A pretty nice come from behind team win. I also played in the second game and helped red get a tie. My legs are totally shot today. Ugh.

We had a plumber in (really nice guy) and got the hose replaced. He seemed rather baffled at how a tube would just burst like that. Best guess was just defective product that weared over time (years) and failed.

Happy birthday Beethoven. Centuries after his death and still getting millions of listens. Have to wonder how many of today's garbage, disposable artists will be able to say that?

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