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July 18, 2004 @ 08:07 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Not our site but close

Not our site but close

Water… one of the most important substances known to man. However… when you’re camping it is most unwelcome. B. and I went to Elora for, what we were hoping would be warm sunny weekend outside hiking and tubing. Well. Neither happened. If you decide to go tubing at Elora, go early. The first time we went to get a tube there was a massive line-up… and they were posting *sold-out* signs. We figured we’d wait awhile and try later that day. Well… while we were waiting… a crazy storm blew in. First there was wind, then thunder, lightning, rain, thunder, lightning rain (repeat x4), hail… it was incredible. We hid out in the tent, which after half an hour of rain began to *float*… Water began to pool around the tent… it was like a water bed. Bleck… everything got wet and dirty. It was miserable and changed the agenda for the weekend. Undaunted, we ventured into town and saw the cute Tom Hanks film The Terminal at the interesting Gorge Cinema, B. got in some shopping and by the time we returned to the site the rain has stopped. We had a nice fire, yummy campfire dinner and a few tasty beverages. Turned out to be a great weekend anyway… We will return to tube later in the year.

Updated: Gorge link is dead.

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