Final Week

March 25, 2019 @ 05:03 pm 🔗 Post Link

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I’ve been coding a ton as my course at Humber is winding down. It is certainly going to be a sprint to the finish. One assignment has me making a simple quiz. Well, so I thought… introducing the option of selecting multiple answers changed it from easy to rather complicated. I may be over coding it, but, I can’t really see any other way to it. The number of permutations that must be accounted for when that option is introduced is magnified dramatically. I think I’m close though. More coding today. Ho-hum.

We had a lovely day in Aurora on Saturday at Anita’s. We hung out most of the afternoon and were treated to the keg of beer Bill and I made the last time we were there. It was a light, sweet beet, maybe a little young. Dinner we were treated to steak. The nephews seem to scatter after they eat. So, it was largely a quiet and relaxing afternoon.

The Sabres continue to lose. The fall from grace must be historically bad. I mean, they were first place at one point, now they are close to LAST. How can that happen? How can there be NO response from management? How is Housley still coach? After EIGHT seasons without playoffs it is really feeling like I’ve attached my wagon to a team that is mismanaged, misguided and a complete and utter mess. So disappointed. Once again, the hope tank is empty.

Yesterday was Kirk’s birthday. I continue to miss him dearly and have recognized he was really my only close friend. The only one I shared so many interests in common with. Sigh.

Still enjoying the versatility of my ASUS C302CA. I recently updated it to Chrome OS 73 on the Beta channel, but I really haven’t found anything different at all. I read the supposed updates but don’t see them. (shrug) Still no Linux either, which is disappointing. I’m making do with codeanywhere (Was free at the time, it appears it no longer is...😕) however. It isn’t a powerhouse for sure but it holds up pretty good with the heavy load I ask of it. Love the battery life and screen too.

Most of the snow is gone. Just the stubborn dirt/ice/snow remains in most areas.

Ha, somehow the Mueller report found 45 didn’t collude. I’m flabbergasted by this. I merely assume he bought people off or just covered his tracks. I feel just because this investigation turned up nothing, doesn’t mean that scumball isn’t ripe with corruption. He simply managed to offload it onto his lackeys, many of which are in jail. I’m sure is gloating will be unbearable.

Ballhockey was a gongshow. We played the ‘white-team-that-should-be-in-a competitive-not-rec-league‘ again and despite our best efforts we got shelled badly. Every mistake resulted in a goal. Our poor goalie, who stayed to play a second game, was getting pretty frustrated. This week should be more enjoyable, win or lose, we play a real rec team.

Anyway, i should stop procrastinating and return to coding…


Watched the Sabres (coz I’m a masochist) and has *FINALLY* ditched flash as their video system. They have switched to HTML5!! So, after years and years of not being able to stream games in Linux, IT NOW WORKS! 😀

Wow. Walking Dead really cleared out a bunch of salaries for the season ender. :/

And, lastly, Happy Birthday Kirk. I miss you buddy.