Nice day for a walkOctober 15, 2007 @ 08:10 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Linkhiking, tanga, Bruce Trail Iโ€™m getting good at posing, arenโ€™t I?

Iโ€™m getting good at posing, arenโ€™t I?

Worked Saturday. Ho-Hum. Sunday we had a nice hike on my favourite trail, the Bruce Trail. We did a section near Glen Haffy Park in Caledon. We parked near the intersection of Glen Haffy Road and Coolihans Sideroad. It was a busy day for hiking in the area. We came from Fork in the Credit Park where we initially were going to hike, but it was waaay too busy there. So busy to justify a cop in the area to watch traffic. The walk was pretty standard Bruce. Lots of trees. We didnโ€™t really find many landmarks today, just a lot of hills. My legs are killinโ€™. When we got home, B. made a nice dinner similar to Cordon Bleu. I also ate some strange vegetable. It was similar to Broccoli but very bitter. Still not sure if Iโ€™d eat it again. Hmm.