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VOTE! Nice numbers. GAH!

October 2, 2003 @ 08:10 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Former Ontario Minister, Ernie Eves

Former Ontario Minister, Ernie Eves

Something you wonโ€™t ever see again. Take a long look at Ernieโ€™s poster. Yes kids, it is voting day in Ontarioโ€ฆ So exercise your democratic right. It amazes me how many people are lazy and apathetic on voting day. People have died trying to get the right to vote. Melodramatic? Perhaps. But it is true. Donโ€™t bitch later is you donโ€™t vote now. I donโ€™t like Dalton, butโ€ฆ my local MP, Jim Bradley represents, soโ€ฆ back to Queens park you go. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

I did a personality profile on match.com yesterday. Gawd. It determined some disturbing stats based on my personality. Big shocker there huh? It found:

  • 13% of men share my beliefs, values and habits.
  • only 1% of women are VERY attracted to my personality type.. GAH! (40% are *generally* attracted to my *type*
  • 23% are turned off by my traitsโ€ฆGee I always thought it was much higherโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ˜›
  • Only 7% of women have traits Iโ€™d find extremely appealing, 23% have *most* of the traits. phew.
  • What does all this mean? It means Iโ€™m VERY glad to have already found my rare gem, my diamond in the rough.

Update: attraction link is now 404. (removed) eves.jpg is missing. Updated the photo with a new one (Nov. 2013)

rain rain dry

Just wanted to says thanks to whomever is in charge of storms & rain for passing me by as I was trying to BBQ. That was classy. No one should have to BBQ in the rain. -smirk-

unistar pics added

I guess it is good the deep longing I feel for B. having been apart a few days. Curious indeed. I need my btv.

Added a picset from our visit to Clintons in Toronto to see a buddyโ€™s band (unistar). They brought the rock. I should have taken more pics but arrived a little late and it was fairly backed in the small venue.

Updated: Pics are not there.

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