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June 10, 2004 @ 07:06 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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I tossed Nothingface in the CD player yesterdayโ€ฆ It still grabs me like it did the first time I heard it many, many moons ago.

"May I ?โ€ฆMay I??
Valves plugs pump to erase
Rictus from my face
Lapse of time
Synchro freeze
Loop rewind
Forward speed!

Ahh yes. Funny how the magic music makes your morning moodโ€ฆ ya!


Spent the evening with โ€˜the Exโ€™. She wanted to get a video card for her computer so she called the one geek she knows. -smirk- This geek also ended up fixing her speakers, USB and got her digital camera to down pictures for the first time. She is happy now. She didnโ€™t know her computer could do this, and so much more! She gave me a bottle of Abuelo Rum she bought from her trip to Panama. Reserva especial! I havenโ€™t seen her for many weeks, she is now an Aunt, grew an extra arm and eats only red jellybeans. (ok that isnโ€™t *all* true)

She seems to be doing wellโ€ฆ As I figured she is busy with family stuff. A side of her life I, for the most part, dreaded. Anyway, it was a nice visit. I miss my other cat. Funny how he initially seems to have forgotten meโ€ฆ then after a minute he wonโ€™t leave my side. Catsโ€™ memory must function awfully strangely. Oh yeah, enough with the rain already!

Added my Theme thursday photo for this week: Machine. I have a few good shots of motorcycles (Harleyโ€™s of course) but I thought Iโ€™d thank the CPU since it represents day in and day out.

Updated: the dcamd link is dead.

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