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Ireland โ€“ Day Four : Vistas

June 17, 2007 @ 09:06 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

Ireland, Vacation, Binevenagh Forest, Maggill Point

Overlooking the valley

Overlooking the valley

In the morning we visited a local art shop. They had some neat stuff. We enjoyed tea and biscuits on their patio. Strangely enough they had roosters and peacocks walking around in the patio area. It was pretty funny. B. had some family over most of the day. We journeyed to the cliffs which overlook Downhill Strand in Binevenagh Forest. A stunning vista. In the afternoon we returned to Downhill Strand. The Ocean was cool but refreshing considering how warm it was. Unfortunately we ending up having an incredibly obnoxious family (I referred to as Monty Pythonโ€™s Gumbyโ€™s) setup beside us. They were stunningly unaware of the incredible noise they were making. First they set off their car alarm three times and seemed to need to shout everything they said to each other. More and more family members kept arriving as well. One arrival stopped and parked directly in front of us blocking the ocean view. (Understand the beach is massive and there is tons of space) Fortunately one of B.โ€™s family said something to them and they moved. Unbelievable. Afterward we went to Maggill Point for dinner. It was quite good. We passed a prison and the most rabbits I have ever seen running around in one place. They really do multiplyโ€ฆ I needed some chill time and watched a bunch of Death Note episodes on my PSP when we returned to the cottage. The PSP is a wonderful portable device. And for the record, B. ate the last brownie.