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Vet visit

I took remicat to the Vet this morning. She is unable to keep food or water down for about 24h and vomits shortly after eating. The x-rays did not locate an obvious blockage which may suggest it is something more serious. We are waiting to get โ€˜blood testโ€™ results back later today. Poor kitty must be starving. Iโ€™m hoping something is determined that explains this in a simple and treatable manner. We have had very bad luck taking sick animals to the Vet.


The blood tests came back and found nothing exceptional. Which is goodโ€ฆ but doesnโ€™t really explain the resent bout of nausea. Anyway, she is keeping down a special low irritation wet food so that will be her diet for about a week then weโ€™ll see if we can return her to kibble. Phew.