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April 8, 2004 @ 05:04 pm 🔗 Post Link

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shortsighted humans

shortsighted humans

Gawd… what are we doing to poor Mother Earth… NASA better find water on Mars, once humans rape, pillage and ruin this planet, we are going to need somewhere else to go. This story on the Greenland Icecaps melting creeped me out. I know there are many movements towards improving how we use natural resources, recycling etc. but clearly more has to be done. Soon. Now. Go! A excerpt from the article:

‘Greenland’s icy mountains and ice cap could disappear in the next 1000 years because of global warming, European scientists warned yesterday. If that occurs, sea levels will rise by seven metres, drowning low-lying coastlines around the world.‘

Not good. Not good at all.
Update: Age link still good. (Nov. 2013)

center dammit!

I’ve been *trying* to center the images in the blog entries but it isn’t working… I’ve tried CSS text-align:center, html center but nothing seems to work. Suggestions, solutions! and very welcome.

Go Canada!

Congrats to the Canadian Women’s National hockey team capturing their 8th consecutive world championship title! (And yes that was a goal… it should have been 2-1… regardless… we still win!) O Canada!

CSS *new and improved*

A few weeks ago the Mighty Q brought to my attention how awful unsung looked in Firefox (and maybe other browsers outside of M$IE) well… being that I’m a big fan of open source… I modified the code until it looked decent in Firefox. So. There you go… Enjoy. I think it has improved slightly overall as well. The fractal was cool but overbearing methinks…

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