360 reasons not to upgrade

August 1, 2006 @ 11:08 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Colours. Colours. Colours.

Colours. Colours. Colours.

Saturday was busy. We started the day off with a colour consultation. The designer gave us a ton of insight into how to match colours to ideas we had for redesigning various room in the house. I was pretty skeptical about it but she was pretty helpful and offered a lot of great ideas we likely wouldnโ€™t have thought of. After she left we ventured off to Guelph to meet a couple we know for a swim in Guelph Lake. The couple owns one of Tangaโ€™s siblings. It was refreshing, albeit somewhat brief. Both B. and I had plans for the evening.

I met a bunch of coworkers in the evening for some gaming. The guy that hosted lives in the Younge and Eglington areaโ€ฆ it quite nice, lots of shops, lots of 20 and 30 somethings around. Anywayโ€ฆ we rented a two 360s, NHL 2K6, FIFA 2006, Tomb Raider, Ghost Recon (donโ€™t recall which) and Far Cry. I was pretty disappointed with the games. The 360s seemed better than the Xbox, but really, over time it was the same ho-hum games and gameplay with slightly better resolution. Nothing struck me as overly innovative or impressive. In fact some of the 360 design is plain stupid. There are two *hidden* controller ports on the frontโ€ฆ want to play with two other people? Good luck. The ONE other port is hidden on the backโ€ฆ Admittedly, the 360 looked much better on a HD TV. I always felt the Xbox colours were washed out and unimpressive. Tomb Raider did have some nice visuals and nice visuals of Lara too, FIFA had bizarre gameplay โ€“ I felt I wasnโ€™t even playing it most of the time, Ghost Reconโ€ฆ oh gawdโ€ฆ I know split screen sucks soโ€ฆ why do some games make it worse? Ghost Recon had so much HUD info plastered all over the screen there was little room for anything else, not to mention how confusing it wasโ€ฆ and if you are playing a multiplayer game and players in the game dieโ€ฆ why donโ€™t games use the dead space??!! So that one player could get half a screen then two players half each? Bah. We ended up playing hockey most of the night. It really is the same old game. The cutscreens still look like crap, I would have thought they would be better, they still look blocky and pathetic. So I wonโ€™t be rushing out to get a 360. The wireless controllers were nice. The 360 ran really hot too it seemed. *shrug* hopefully PS3 will be better?

Sunday we did a monster cleaning job in the garage for most of the day. Took a load of stuff to the dump this morning. The garage is much better nowโ€ฆ and will get even better when B.โ€™s bro picks up his stuff.