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Unreal tournament 2004

March 4, 2002 @ 07:03 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Puppies know nothing

Puppies know nothing

Great gaming news! Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo was released yesterday! So strap on your rockets and it’s frag or be fragged time. Looks basically the same with the addition of tanks, jeeps etc. Fun fun fun! Lock and load. Ownage! My fav is still CTF. See you online.

Update: Link still good. (Dec. 2013) (June 2024)

about dogs and cats

I have lived with a cat nearly all my life of over thirty years. I know cats. I love cats. I’m a cat person. I never really understood dogs or even liked them. They were loud, I found them aggressive, smelly … needed constant attention… they seemed like a poor ‘pet’…the opposite of what I thought a pet should be. But… I met, and fell in love with, a dog person. Egads! One of two things could have happened. The dog person could be unhappy (ergo no dogs) or the cat person would have to learn to love (or at least like) dogs. The latter is what is happening. But I must admit…

Frankly I’m surprised at how… dumb dogs start off as puppies. Cats… show them the litter box, feed them and give them love, repeat for 15 years. Dogs however… wow. I had no idea… they are work. Man’s best friend? Hardly. They start off being the exact opposite IMHO. Puppies start off as a clean slate. They are fuzzy warm energy that wants everything in its mouth. Including to my dismay, hands, furniture, shoes, Ethernet cable. They understand nothing. No, dogs don’t come knowing how to ‘come’, ‘sit’, ‘shit’ (outside) or respect your space. It all has to be taught to them. A cat owner has no appreciation for this. But… there is something satisfying about shaping something and watch it improve… all the ‘small victories’. I guess that is what owning a dog is about. In time… the defeats outweigh the loses and joy outweighs the misery. It won’t be a balance that is shifted over night. I will try to mould myself into a dog owner, and Marlow into the dog B. and I want him to be. It is just a different process than I’m used to for owning a pet.

Lost in viewing

A few nights ago B. and I watched Lost in Translation which is one of several films trying to steal the Oscar for Best Picture. I enjoy movies. I enjoy the movies I have enjoyed winning Oscars. So I’m finding it difficult to understand how a film like Lost in Translation is (in some critics opinions) is the film to beat. I did like the film but Oscar worthy? I just don’t see it. Maybe in a artsy film critic world that is what a great film is… but not in mine. Yes… the performances were good… who knew Murray had it in him? But movies are foremost about entertaining… ⭐⭐⭐½ I was much more entertained and in awe of Lord of the Rings. Maybe I’m missing something here but… I hope LOTR wins best film. Time will tell.

attack of the zombie mummy

B. was quick with the camera, lucky me.

<Joe Clark voice on>HO..ho….ho…</Joe Clark voice off> I have to say I was pretty surprised to hear Joe Clark’s slamage of Stephen Harper… He must be pretty irked about the ‘Conservative party direction’ of late. Supporting a Liberal! Joe! My… my… More from the Globe here.

Link now 404. Removed.

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