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August 11, 2004 @ 10:08 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link


Hi Kate.

Hi Kate.

First offโ€ฆ Let me state my biasโ€ฆ I like dark scary gothy movies like The Crow and Blade etc. Underworld is in the nature of those filmsโ€ฆ It is always dark. Basically the film is Vampire v. Werewolfs (called Lycans in the movie from Lycanthrope). Not much of a plot reallyโ€ฆ The film jumps right into guns and shooting etc. (curious that immortals need gunsโ€ฆ) And lead the viewer through various battles and drama between the two โ€˜clansโ€™. Lots of guns, swords, fight scenes.

Selene (Kate Beckinsale) looks smashing in skin tight black leatherโ€ฆ but really doesnโ€™t do much in the film other than run around shooting Wolves. There is a romance subplot but it isnโ€™t overly developed.

I did however enjoy the dark texture of the film. It had an eerie grain to it that suited the vampires and werewolves running about. The blurry flashback sequences were pretty neatโ€ฆ as they filled in background and developed what little content there was.

Nothing earth shatteringโ€ฆ but if you are a fan of this genre of films it is worth a look. Otherwise might not be your cup of tea. โญโญโญยฝ

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