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Lily from the front garden.

It seems I canโ€™t escape getting whacked at ball hockey. Last shift of the gameโ€ฆ game well in hand already, I think we were up 5 or 6 goalsโ€ฆ off the faceoff I get slashed in my right ankle. (Two weeks ago was the leftโ€ฆ which is only now beginning to fade away) This one is strange. There is only a slight surface bruise but it hurts waaaaaaaay more than the left ankle slash which left a big ugly bruise. There are only a couple games left in the season. I think Iโ€™ve played well the past two games, even I didnโ€™t get anything to show for it. Generated a few scoring chances, broke up some playsโ€ฆ *shrug* Seems I sweat the same regardless how well I play. *smirk*

Recently found out some friends of ours will probably be separating. Shame. I hope them both the best in which ever path their future may take. Might see one of them this weekend for a beer. Weโ€™ll see.

I think Iโ€™m going hang dry all of B.โ€™s clothes. The drama caused from accidentally drying clothes isnโ€™t worth it.