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Gah. Woke up late today for class. Not real late. But any late is still crappy. Fortunately it was Project Management and the prof has all the class resources online. Tired and still achy. I think Iโ€™m going to toss those running shoes out. Two days after hockey and my feet still hurt! hmmpt.

Mutterings : Week 101
Pistol:: Sex (Sex pistols? hello?)
Rick:: Ocasek (from the Cars, now a Producerโ€ฆ)
Full circle:: jerk (teehee)
I wish:: my feet would stop aching
Frame:: picture
Adult:: Movie
Photography:: Black and White
Stew:: Beef (made by B. ! yummy!)
Cheat:: Codes
Brad:: Pitt

I must choose! either leave your answers or a link to your webpage with your responses.
Would you rather:

have all your body hair fall out and take a year to grow back OR have a really bad rash between your thighs for a month?
Body hairโ€ฆ That is a no brainer. I hate shaving as much as I do anyway. I just hope i have a nice bald skull.

have people shout to you because they think youโ€™re hard of hearing OR have people make funny faces at you because they think youโ€™re blind?
Shouting would get tiresome fast. At least the faces would be amusing.

be tortured with bamboo shoots under your finger nails OR with thumb screws?
None of the above.

have your car stolen OR your wallet?
Gah. Both have a very high suckage value. Hmm. Wallet I guess. I donโ€™t keep a lot of cash on hand. Cards can be replaced.

Update: links are dead.

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