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trip down the 10

July 13, 2003 @ 07:07 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Lots of driving

Lots of driving

Had a lovely drive up the 10 HWY with B. yesterday. We leisurely drove along stopping as whim dictated… at Antique shops, artisan shops and where-ever… fun stuff. One of the final stops was at a Ice Cream shop where we shared a super yummer ice-cream on a waffle dessert. To die for… Enjoyed a nice walk and some snugglin’.

concerts galore

1. Have you ever attended a concert? If so, who; and how old were you when you attended your first concert?
Yes I’ve attended many. Rush, Faith No More, Iron Maiden, 54.40, Spirit of the West, the Breeders, Lollapalloza 2,3, The Tragically Hip etc.. I was likely around 18 when I saw my first show.

2. What is the biggest ride or rollercoaster that you’ve ever been on? Were you frightened to go on it?
I don’t do rollercoasters.

3. Is there an annual ‘festival’ that you make sure you never miss? If so, please tell about it; if not, is there any annual event that you like to attend?
Sometimes Lollapalloza… I’d like to see a Vans tour, maybe a Lilith sometime as well… Edgefest if it is ever decent…

moving stuff…

Well… My Ex asked me to move some stuff I was storing in her basement. She actually wants to use (and improve) the space. Go figure. So I drove two car loads here last night… It never ceases to amaze me how much you can cram into a little Tercel. She was pretty chatty. I think she is lonely and worried about finding someone… she opened up quite a bit to me. I hope she finds someone to make her happy (like I have), she deserves it. I’m happy that we were able to remain friends and not turn the separation into a big war… There are reasons, that will never change, that broke us apart… But there are still glimmers of the person I invested so much time in and found so hard to leave. I miss my funny boy cat too… What a ton of love he has become…


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