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December 7, 2003 @ 05:12 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Today was a little quieter than yesterday. B. and I had a nice walk in the off limits security patrolled local Conservation Area (ack.. nice)โ€ฆwe put together a little x-mas cheer in front of her house then worked on the inside. Out came the x-mas decorations, on went the x-mas music and the decorating began. The pic is what we ended up with. It is amazing how many of the ornaments are handmade by b. herself. Our first tree together. Awwโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ™‚

Updated: Missing xmastree.jpg (the 2003 image)

Record Breaking?

I wonder if this is a dating record. After nearly 8 months together, b. and I saw our first movie together in a theatre. We saw Love Actually with Hugh Grant. It was light and amusing. Probably better off as a renterโ€ฆ โญโญโญ Egads thoughโ€ฆ 20 MINUTES of ads and previews before the movie actually started. WTF are you paying for when you go to a theatre? At least at home you can fast forward.

It looks like SNOW is finally here! Does look like it will still around though.

Incredible-come-from-behind-I-Canโ€™t-believe-it win for the Sabres. Good job lads. Iโ€™m finally impressed.

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