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September 11, 2006 @ 10:09 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Nice day for some ROCK AND ROLL!

Nice day for some ROCK AND ROLL!

It was Virgin Festival day on Toronto Island. And no you perv it has nothing to do with the Allah Allah Allah 88 million virgins you allegedly get in *heaven* for blowing stuff up… it was a Rock concert put on by Virgin Records. It was a beautiful day for the show, very clear perhaps a little cool. I enjoyed all the artist I saw… Wolfmother, Sam Roberts, the Strokes, Zero 7 we left a little early since we had to work early and we had the dog at a friends. There were tons of vendors trying to sell you crap. I guess it has become the ‘festival show’ norm. I found it REALLY annoying that just behind the main stage was the Bacardi Party Zone (or whatever the hell they called it…) Anyway for some reason in this area (well within earshot of the main stage) they had their own DJ… and it was loud… so for anyone in the whole back area you had a horrible crossover of music from the stage and this dreadful DJ. Nice. Show some respect for the artists and turn that shit off. The prices for things weren’t too bad. A burger or sausage was $5, fries however were also $5 (whatever)… It was nice to be able to bring a digital camera in. The island is a great place to see a show. Lots of space to wander off for some privacy or get away from the crowds. It was disappointing that Massive Attack couldn’t get their VISAs… they really were the main reason I originally wanted to go. How could that happen??! Anyway, I guess it is a yearly concert. Hopefully it will happen again… I thought it was rather poorly attended, or maybe, hopefully, people were just spread out a lot. Anyway, it was rockin’ and I’m Zzzzed so G’Night Toronto!

Interestingly the Toronto Star reported that in spite of Massive Attack cancelling… ’Rosenberg said ticket sales actually went up after Broken Social Scene was added to the festival. He claimed there had been only 100 returns when Massive Attack’s cancellation was announced.’ Cool.