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December 19, 2005 @ 09:12 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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A chunk of cheese

A chunk of cheese

Yes, blog. Well past few days have been a daze. Thursday was Christmas party day. Both mine and B.โ€™s. Fortunately they were spaced out and close by. My workโ€™s party was a lot of fun. It was at a Dave & Busters (picture an adult Chuck E. Cheese). We ate, drank, played games, goofed around and let off a lot of steam. It was a good time. I work with a great bunch of guys. B.โ€™s party was just around the block, google maps said 2 minutes away. Well normally. In a snow storm it took close to 30 minutes, then even longer to find it since it was a business NOT on the plaza sign. Sigh. Anyway dinner was very filling and decent for the most part. It was a fancy Italian place. I prefer more casual. Friday worked all day.

Saturday went to see the Sabres with my Dad! Sabres v. Penguins. It was cool to see a game with my dad. Iโ€™m not sure it will happen again. His mobility is seriously hampered. We has wings and pizza afterwards at Mister B.โ€™s in Niagara Falls N.Y., as usual it was yum. I finally spent my gift certificate from Summit as well. I got a more powerful power supply for my new box and a cd/dvd rom drive. Iโ€™m hoping to get games and backup movies and data onto DVD instead of CD. 4G v. 700Mโ€ฆ Today we shopped then chilled. I feel like I could sleep for a year.