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Thud! (Image from:

Ball Hockey ended last night on a sour note. We got owned badly. They were simply better, faster, stronger and well organized. We are just a bunch of guys in comparison. There are two divisions in our league and we were great in ours but moving up to play the best in the other division and a great disparity was uncovered. I guess it wasnโ€™t ironic then that there was really nothing said amongst my teammates before we left. No formal goodbye, great seasonโ€ฆ people justโ€ฆ left.

Ultimately though it was fun. It is a little frustrating to have a mind that wants to challenge and be aggressive and a body that says uh, no. Playing a physically demanding sport in my late thirties against mostly twenty year olds really makes me feel my age at times. We did win our division however and had a winning season. Most of the guys on my team had a good attitude. I would consider playing again if we were in the same division. Iโ€™d rather win in a crappy division than lose in better one. *smirk*

The quest for a car continues. Iโ€™m still uncertain what to do. We have added a few more cars to the mix as well to test drive. At some point, maybe even tonight, weโ€™ll test drive the Mazda 3 2.0L and 2.5L and a Subaru Impreza (I believe the 2.5i). All of these cars rate well on Consumer Reports, so regardless which we settle on I think weโ€™ll get a reliable car.