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February 18, 2024 @ 01:02 am ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Pain suppression incarnate

Pain suppression incarnate

Another night of ball hockey is in the books. We only had half of our team show. It was rough, even our typical goalie was away so we had to play three on three most of game. It was certainly tiring, but it really allowed our skill to show. With the extra space we had so many odd man rushes, and we capitalized on a lot of them. For the final quarter we played four on four. Two of the other teams are still worse off. They are not even able to get the minimum out to play, so we are playing a lot of franken-skitties teams. I'm not sure why there are so many no-show this session. It is still fun, but playing against a team that know each other is very challenging. That was the second game... It was also a bit of a blow out, although it felt closer than the first game. *shrug* I racked up a few points too and Bows had a great night. After the game a half dozen of us went for food at St.Louis. It is always entertaining to decompress with the guys after games. Such a diverse bunch of personalities.

Oh gawd, I was sore this morning. God bless you Ibuprofen. I really don't think I would have been able to do anything today if I didn't have drugs numbing my soreness. It is pretty remarkable. I was able to get all sorts of housework done and a grocery run.

Bdot was away most of the day with the dog. Once she was home we watched a few episodes of The Bear. Including the absolutely awful Christmas episode. (I guess I'm in the minority here as it looks like a lot of the universe loved this frantic mess of an episode? I do see a few people wondering WTF that was in the reviews! Ha it was either 10/10 or below 5) Oh fsck was that ever tedious to watch, and we aren't done it, we stopped it half way through! The Bear is an odd series. Some episodes are like magic, others like an alien lobotomy. The awful night of TV continued as I suffered through an awful movie on Netflix called The Abyss. Find something better to do with your time. โญโญ

Holy crap the Sabres tied a game late and won in overtime. Someone check on Hell!

LOLZ the orange dump truck has to pay over $400M in fraud damages. In response his cult is starting GOFUNDME pages...HAHA... Good luck with that.


Ok. The second half of the episode was much better. The full on collapse of Mom was very well done. What a fscked up family. We ended up watching the rest of the season. The ending was pretty unexpected and sad. The wait for Season 3 will be unbearable...

We tried watching Migration but found it targeted to a younger audience. There are obviously many animated films that can hit both younger and older successfully. But we found this wasn't one of them. We lost interest pretty fast and turned it off midway. It gets the dreaded ๐Ÿ’ฃ.

I started wearing my old fitbit again. It no longer holds a long charge like it used to. I think it lasts about a day now. It does re-charge pretty fast however. I still love the slim form factor and it's really light. It is disappointing that its battery isn't intended to be replaced. I hate companies that refuse the right to repair and intend on creating e-waste. I don't need all the new fancy features. I like knowing my steps, the time and heartrate. Anything beyond that seems unnecessary. *shrug* Now I get data! Ball hockey gets the heart rate above 180 and I logged over 13k steps.

Thank you Denmark. ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ฐ