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Family, Buffalo Sabres, JP and Sibling



We started the day in Guelph to met some friends for a dog run. Once again Tanga enjoyed running around with and chewing on her brother Cairo. We left her there overnight. I hope she didnโ€™t eat Cairo.

After Guelph we carried on to St.Catharines. We were meeting my family to see a Sabresโ€™ game and dinner. I never enjoy crossing the border. The customs staff can be dicks if they want to be. Fortunately last night we got across and back with no issues. We had dinner at Mister Bโ€™s. in Niagara Falls N.Y.. As usual we got wings and pizza. There is nothing quite like fresh honey garlic wingsโ€ฆ Mmmm mmm! We arrived at the game just before the faceoff. I couldnโ€™t believe the seats. We were eight rows from the glass. It is almost TOO close. Funny how large the players seems on the white ice from that distance. It was a good game. Exciting, some hits and drama and a big Sabres win!

My sister and I (and Brother in Law) contributed to put a computer together for my parents. Last night I set it up and show them some basic Internet stuff. Iโ€™m hoping they catch on to it. The web can be a great communication tool, especially with my sister moving out West.