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June 8, 2004 @ 06:06 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Another long distance night alone 🎶

Another long distance night alone 🎶

Instead of sleeping, B. and I stayed up quite a while last night talking about the relationship. I guess after a year and change some things have become set in certain unappealing ways… It was good to be able to talk about stuff that is bothering each other. They could be little things now but… but things that should be addressed. Frankly I would be worried if she didn’t care about resolving issues and talking to me about how she feels. Love isn’t always an obvious equation. The talk was good, I think we both expressed some important things, some not so important things and tried to place a course for our future. The immediate future is clearly still problematic and not what either of us wants… It is still a distance relationship, which has lasted well over a year due to the commitment of both of us to it. Additionally my job uncertainty makes me reluctant to move or take up roots with her now…Sometimes there are no easy quick fixes, but one day I think it will have been worth the wait. I’m very happy with the woman in my life. The only woman in my life. wink She has a great intuitive sensitivity, a quirky ‘freaker’ sense of humour, a smile than can melt my prickly moods and a love for me I see and feel in nearly everything she does. I’m happy to have met her and happy she is part of my life. There are many more chapters in this life’s adventure together…I look forward to writing each one with you.

Fraser still SUCKS

I can’t believe they let that asshole Fraser ref a game seven in the finals. Un-freaking-believable…Sad. Brutal. Yes, the Bolts played well but given a 5-3 penalty advantage (the 3rd was with less than :30 left so it is pretty irrelevant) it is no wonder. At least Andreychuk, after more than 20 years wins the Cup. Grumble. Sigh. Blah. Congrats to the Bolts. Good run Flames. Close….very close.

And….so ends another year of NHL hockey. In light of next season’s uncertainty I tried to enjoy this playoff year a little more. It would have been great to see the underdog, the team (according to coach Sutter) no one wanted to win….win. Especially since all of Canada was rallying for them eh. So when does World Cup start?

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