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All other 2001-2002 entries

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The oldest APTBT entries

The oldest APTBT entries

These entires were taken from a static html page.

03.26.02 — This is the last static news update. Future entries will be done with mYsqL!

02.06.02 — Links page has been converted? to use a bit more flexible system to add links. Smilies added to forum. Added gfx to left menu.

01.15.02 — Updated a few minor things. New *flash* banner on top. Pretty groovy methinks. Added the humour section. (Why not) =) Chat removed…no one was using it and it was laggy anyways.

12.24.01 — Added a new domain that links to this site! unsung.myip.org will now link to this site. 😀 I figured it was a little easier to remember. Happy Holidays.

12.17.01 — Finally added a few more bands to the lyrics section…more coming!! Minor layout changes.

12.03.01 — Chat added!

11.27.01 — Broke out of the frames this site was in for the longest time…Also added a message forum! Check it out!

11.21.01 — Added the voting on the main page… Have a vote topic? Let me know! The PHP was coded by Mathias Daval / PHPVault phpvault.com

11.14.01 — We have made contact! Err..well, PHP and MySQL are finally talking! I’ve setup a *temporary* guestbook.

11.13.01 — Figured out how to parse html code through the PHP parser. (Uh in english geekboy) I can embed PHP code in my html and it works!

11.07.01 — Server got messed up when I was trying to install PHP… So, I had to re-install the server. I decided to try Apache again but it wouldn’t recognize Cold Fusion! aRG!! So it was PHP or Cold Fusion… I’m redoing all my databases to support PHP with MySql. Get your own SQL!

10.15.01 — Added scores to the sabres search which I’ll update throughout the season. Change to top interface with groovy swoosh.

10.03.01 — Major revision of the flash frame setup and interface…now displaying, top, left and main sections…and a colour change to black…update to intro page as well.

09.27.01 — Major revision of the html only interface…not great but much better than it was… updates on this are in progress.

09.26.01 — The functionality of the messageboard was simplified allowing replies to existing subjects or the creation of new ones. enjoy.

09.20.01 — Continued the interface edits. Finished the groovy MC rollover fades. MMMmmmmm… *joy*

09.19.01 — Updated the flash interface. A smaller sleeker look…

09.18.01 — Added a section on my talker eels.

08.16.01 — Updated the flash interface added guestbook options.

08.13.01 — Cancelled Bell DSL and switched to Cogeco Cable for the internet connection for this website. So far, so good.

08.08.01 — Added a basic messageboard… start up a discussion today!

07.26.01 — Change made to improve vertical space… I guess not everyone is 1024×768 (or better…) =) Also updated flash interface – adding the guestbook options.

07.25.01 — More downtime for the site. I hope I have finally got it setup right… but with Micro$oft one can only plug and pray. Please let me know of any errors etc. thanks!

07.24.01 — Sabres search added! My first database query in cf. A few minor cosmetic changes.

07.20.01 — Added the attribute time to the guestbook. I figured it was about time that I did. (BAA-DOOM-PAH!) Added ninjai.com link.

07.19.01 — Added a Cold Fusion based guestbook. My first CF app! =)

07.18.01 — Unsung was down most of the day. Installed new software and created a new permanent web server for unsung. Continued playing with Cold Fusion Server and learned some basic functions.

07.09.01 — Added the 3D ‘U’. I found it here. Also updated portfolio section.

06.20.01 — By request from a rubberkittygrrrrrl, I’ve added a link to photos of my cats.

05.30.01 — Added a few more links.

before 05.30.01 — This site bounced around all over the web, from geocities to sympatico. It has undergone MANY revisions as my skills? have developed. I may put some of the old interfaces and gfx up somewhere… some were pretty neat. =)

Update: Wow… so much has changed. Obviously not using Cold Fusion anymore. || messageboard is gone. || The only flash (if there is any) would be on an archive page ||

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