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Rare wins

Rare wins

It has been a busy week and shows no sign of letting up. Last night I met up nivek for a guys night out. We planned to meet at a pool hall he hasnโ€™t been to in some time. Ha. The place ended up being closed. Permanently. Sigh. So we grabbed some decent Italian in the area and found another pool hall. Nivek and I have been playing pool together for well over a decade. I win the occasional game, but he often dominates. Last night howeverโ€ฆ we played a best of seven and it when to a deciding seventh game! And I won! (granted he had two scratch losses) but there was still a disturbance in the force. It was great to get out and enjoy his company. It is rare to be able to do that these days.

B.โ€™s work Christmas dinner is Friday night. It is a crazy formal 800 course Italian feast. I should start fasting now to make room.

Saw my doctor Tuesday for a follow up cholesterol test. I like my doctor. He is so strangely down to earth. We talk as much about hockey as health. My results are in and I have to see him again to see where my numbers are all. I donโ€™t expect much change. Weโ€™ll see.