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Mad Men

A few weeks (months?) ago we ordered a bunch of teas from teastore.ca. It is remarkable how long 100g lasts. I finished my first bag, Lumbini Estate, which is strangely not on their site anymoreโ€ฆ Hmm. Iโ€™ve been pounding back the Black Teas this week to keep my post-holiday mind from grinding to frazzled halt. Next bag of tea is โ€˜Snowmanโ€™ Tea. It makes me happy to drink melted Snowmen. I will assimilate their essence and be better for it.

Iโ€™m trying a โ€˜back routeโ€™ home on secondary roads this week and the amount of time it takes is basically the same and no stop and go, stop and go on the 427. So that makes my soul happier. The 427 sucks your soul during rush hour.


I shouldnโ€™t blog before noon, the entries make no senseโ€ฆ Brain w3rks more badly now.