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April 10, 2011 @ 09:04 pm 🔗 Post Link

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The trails were really muddy. One of the many bog…

The trails were really muddy. One of the many bog…

It was a pretty slow work week for me not so much for B. who was downtown early a few days last week. Today we got up early to finalize details on our living room couch. It will be custom made for us. We wanted a deeper and longer couch and settled on a striking herringbone pattern with colours to match the carpet. The room will take awhile to complete… but the plan is starting to unfold and should be cozy and inviting once complete. That took most of the morning. Afterward we wandered around Vaughan Mills for about an hour. That was all I could stand… frankly the mall felt like it was Christmas. It was completely jammed with people, as was the parking lot. Bah. We had originally planned on going out to dinner for our anniversary but settled on getting a badass t-bone steak and BBQing a nice dinner instead. (Probably saving 70$ and having a better meal…the steak was an inch thick and the ‘tenderloin’ was unbelievably good.) Before dinner we drove to Albion Hills to run the dog. She was nuts, running around scenting and tracking. She found a partridge, woodcock and a wild turkey…(we found a chipmunk and helped with the turkey). It was the first really nice day of the season. I saw some people even wearing shorts today. We chilled with a movie after a long day. We watched Reign Over Me starting Adam Sandler as a lost soul coming to grips with the loss of his family. Sandler is excellent in the role as a poor sod suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder… slowly he makes some progress with the help of his old school roommate played by Don Cheadle. The movie was overall good. It had some lulls, but it was well acted and the story was mostly interesting. ⭐⭐⭐½

Sabres won their final game of the season and finished 7th with 96 points tied with Montreal. The Sabres will meet the Flyers in round one. It should be good series… I think considering how well the Sabres have been playing they could beat the Flyers in six. The Habs/Bruins series should be entertaining as well. GO SABRES! Back to the playoffs again!

Tomorrow will be housework and groceries. Ho-hum.

I decided to play ball hockey again. First game is at the end of the month… Hopefully this body will be ready to run around again. I have some doubts.

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