Dog day sunrise…

October 4, 2005 @ 10:10 pm 🔗 Post Link

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The best game, uncontested.

The best game, uncontested.

I took Friday off (another lieu day from the crazy work weekend…)… I didn’t do a whole lot. I deserved a chill day. Watched an episode (or two) of *Sci-Fi Crack. In the afternoon I took the dog for walk along the Rail trail. I enjoy… *gasp!* walking the dog along trails. She clearly enjoys herself. While walking we came across a Lab off-leash, with no owner. Great I thought. The dog was friendly enough but walked past us toward a street. The dog, let call her ‘Keeper’ had no collar… so I couldn’t grab her if I wanted to… I kept walking. About five minutes later I came across a women… I asked her do you own a red Lab? Yes she said. Well, she is headed towards a street. Oh, she said. Well she is deaf… and she took off calling her. Sooo… what you are telling me is you are walking your deaf dog off leash, out of sight without a collar. Nice. Slap. There really should be a test you have to take to own a dog.

Was out most of Saturday. Saturday night played a quick game of Axis and Allies with the *revised* rules. The game has long been one of my favourites and me and my buddies have spent hours conquering the world. The game plays a little differently. Avalon Hill has implemented a lot of rule changes that *make sense* and have modified the game board as well. I’m looking forward to getting in a full game sometime soon. Was a long day I was exhausted.

Sunday, also know as ‘dog day’ was all dog all the time. We started the day off with field training that ran from 9-1… Phew. Getting up on a Sunday morning. We must really like this dog. It was interesting. The teacher knows his stuff and the class is all of Tanga’s littermates so… craziness ensues. In the evening puppy went to class with B. and made dinner/got some groceries. Dividing and conquering seems the only way to get anything done these days. Watched more *Sci-Fi Crack.

* also known as the new Battlestar Galactica series… must.. watch… next… episode…