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October 23, 2002 @ 09:10 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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animated masterpiece

animated masterpiece

Pretty slow sunday. Bills beat the Dolphins! ๐Ÿ™‚ Band of Brothers is a great seriesโ€ฆ remind me of the old Tour of Duty series. Very well done.


added the little icons for the blog entries. and modified some back-end stuffโ€ฆ isnโ€™t this a great pic? from maggieโ€™s blog site. This is also a test to see if I can add pics to blog entries.

Update: link removed coz the site is gone and the URL is now pROn. >___>

Princess Mononoke

I love animation and animated movies, esp. cartoons geared more towards adults. I recently watched Princess Mononoke. Certainly NOT for kids. It was a full length animated masterpiece. Themed around manโ€™s relationship with nature. If you like animated films.. be sure to check it out. โญโญโญโญยฝ

cleaned up!

PHEWโ€ฆ A new design for the main unsung pages was completed todayโ€ฆ Creating a cleaning webpage (i hope)โ€ฆ Let me know what you think! You may need to refresh your pages to see the changes.

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