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Leaf Fans SUCK

March 15, 2004 @ 06:03 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Leaf Fans SUCK

Leaf Fans SUCK

I’ve been crossing the border to see Sabres’ games for close to two decades… The border is usually busy as expected… but the wait is tolerable. Tonight… however… the wait was well over an hour… and we ended up missing the entire first period – in spite of being at the border at 6:20… Unbelievable…!

The game itself was good, even with the Sabres showing up for 1 out of the 2 periods I watched. WHY, Oh WHY do the Sabres insist on laying back when they have the lead going into the 3rd period. They must have lost every face-off in the third as well. Bah. 1 point is ok. Two points (which they were a minute away from) would have been better.. but they didn’t want it enough.

Now about those Loaf fans. I don’t know a more obnoxious, loud, crude bunch of fans… Carrying on and on… like they won the Cup or something… It was pretty sickening. I have not seen fans of any other team behave so brazenly over the top. I don’t understand the excitement. You beat a sub .500 team with a bunch of crappy goals. You really have nothing to be that excited about and you won’t win the cup any time soon, so get over yourselves you idiots.

Mutterings Week 58

Old Navy:: Cheap
Out:: Dated
Indecent:: Exposure
UPN:: ??? Universal Public Nudity 😛
Pupil:: Dilated
Toothpaste:: Crest
1999:: Party like it’s (Prince)
Passion:: Play
Social security:: Number
Cliff:: Claven (sic?) from Cheers

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