BEFW11S4 problems with streaming audio

May 9, 2006 @ 09:05 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link


Getting to Know the BEFW11S4 v2

Getting to Know the BEFW11S4 v2

Iโ€™ve been having problems with my Linksys BEFW11S4 Router crashing my Internet connection while streaming audio in Windows Media Player. This drove me nuts since I use it to follow hockey online. After trying to get help from Linksys with their utterly useless chat helpโ€ฆ Hello? Hello? Anyone home?!! โ€ฆ I found (what seems to be) a solution myself online.

The link. What it says to do:
If this is the case, go to options on the media player, select the network settings, uncheck EVERYTHING but HTTP, and make sure you also select โ€˜Donโ€™t use a proxy, then click apply.โ€™